East London NHS Foundation Trust releases new strategy

East London NHS Foundation Trust has published its five year strategy, outlining how the service will support the ‘changing needs’ and ‘strengths’ of its 1.8 million population.

The community health, mental health and primary care service provider refreshed its strategy, previously published in 2017, with a new focus on greater collaborative working between local health and social care organisations.

The trust set four objectives in the plan:

  • To improve population health so that communities are healthier and able to get more out of life.
  • To improve the experience of care – so that anyone in contact with services feels safe, feels involved in decisions about their care and knows that the staff around them are focused on their recovery and their future goals.
  • To improve staff experience – so that staff are able to grow, learn, feel supported and enjoy what they do.
  • To improve value – by making the best use of resources, making the best use of everyone’s time, removing obstacles that delay or hold things up, and by adopting systems and processes to make things more efficient and effective for everyone

As part of its communication plan to release the strategy, the trust shared an overview video:

For more information on the trust’s strategy, please click here.