CNWL publishes end of life care strategy

Central and North West London NHS FT (CNWL) has published its end of life strategy.

The document outlines the trust’s strategy for the next two years, acting as an action plan for improving the care of people who are at the end of their life.

Titled ‘Living well today’, the document goes into detail on how the plan has been developed, involving all stakeholders and considerations. It outlines the trust’s response, forms an action plan, details principles for end of life care and outlines enablers and governance areas.

In the release, the trust stated: “This plan therefore is about care for everyone, as life progresses. It is about preserving the dignity and humanity of every person.

“In CNWL we provide care for the most vulnerable people – those with learning disabilities, people with dementia, those in the criminal justice system and people who suffer with addictions, as just some examples. It is well-documented that these vulnerable people too often receive a poorer level of end of life care than others. Our staff have recognised this, and the role they can play in improving the experience of death. This plan is primarily the result of requests from our staff for more knowledge about how to care for dying patients.

“When caring for someone in the last year of their life we have but one chance to get care right. High quality care needs to be, without apology, personal. Failing to do so not only deprives our patients of the best end of life care but can leave a devastating legacy.”

The trust notes the plan aligns with the refreshed Ambitions for Palliative and End of Life Care – a national framework for local action 2021-2026. Going forward the strategy will be developed in line with planning across its Integrated Care System.

To view the strategy, please click here.