CQC Public Engagement Strategy

CNWL open crisis recovery houses in Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster

Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust (CNWL) has launched Crisis Recovery Houses for patients across the Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster area.  

The Recovery Houses – which is part of a wider provision of crisis services currently available within CNWL for patients experiencing a period of crisis – will provide 24/7 supported accommodation for patients under the Home Treatment Team (HTT) within an environment more appropriate for effective recovery.  

The aim of the service is to promote the growth of existing HTT support while increasing choice for patients.  

Within the Central and North West London statement, the trust highlights that the 12-month pilot will enable CNWL to keep working with patients, the local community and care representatives to ensure the needs of the people are being met – and that the ‘identification’ of ongoing community support or resources is key to accommodation within a crisis house.

Nicola Jhumat, Assistant Director, KCW Urgent Care, Kris Ho, Strategy and Transformation Manager, and Gillian Rennie, Westminster HTT Manager, say: “We are very excited to launch the first ever crisis house in CNWL.

“This project has long been talked about but is now finally happening! We hope the crisis house offers a place where people can recover and get extra support from HTT and crisis house staff. We are keen for the project to link in with the local community resources so we can support people to access them and ensure good outcomes for our KCW patients.” 

In other news, University Hospital Dorset NHS Foundation Trust (UHD) has launched a new Dorset Clinical Trials Unit (DCTU) at its Royal Bournemouth Hospital.