St George’s University Hospital introduces ‘green gas and air’ for pain reduction

St George’s University Hospital is implementing a device in its dental unit called the ‘catalytic converter of gas and air’: a mobile nitrous oxide conversion unit that breaks gas down into oxygen and nitrogen before it is released, reducing its impact upon the environment as well as staff exposure to medical gas.

The devices are made by Medclair in partnership with Ultraflow manufacturer BPR Medical.

Through the introduction of sustainable investments and interventions, the trust hopes to reduce the number of patients presenting with conditions exacerbated by air pollution such as asthma, cardiovascular disease and lung cancer as well as protecting staff and the environment. It is already being used in the endoscopy and midwifery led birth unit.

Dr Emma Evans, South West London Clinical Lead for Net Zero and Consultant Anesthetist at St George’s, commented: “Patients won’t experience any difference in their clinical care and how they receive pain relief remains the same, but after its use, it will be disposed of through the device to breakdown the gas to be more environmentally friendly.

“After trialing mobile devices in the dental, endoscopy and midwifery led birth units, we will scope out the potential for a central system to service a larger number of clinical areas too, to further reduce our overall carbon footprint.”