The Walton Centre joins University Hospital Association

The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust has become the newest member of the University Hospital Association.

University Hospital Association members are speciality trusts that have significant involvement in research and education. Their research puts them at the frontline of developments in health and care and their connections in education support the provision of the future workforce.

Currently, the Walton Centre is the country’s only specialist neuroscience hospital. Along with specialised neurological services, it provides research and education in areas including neurosurgery, rehabilitation, spinal and pain management. In recent times, clinicians from The Walton Centre led UK research into the neurological effects of COVID-19.

The trust has close links with universities in North West England and North Wales, with training delivered “of the highest standard” for upcoming doctors, nursed and allied health professionals.

The trust’s commitment to furthering research and education is also emphasised in its three-year strategy, with research, innovation, training and learning highlighted as key strategic ambitions for the future.

Chief Executive of the Walton Centre, Jan Ross, commented: “The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust plays a significant role in the delivery of research for the benefit of patients with neurological, spinal, and pain conditions across the UK.

“We have a bespoke clinical trials facility, the Neuroscience Research Centre on site, established in 1994. Our research output is substantial with over 450 publications featuring medical and clinical staff from The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust during the year 2021/2022.

“We also play a critical role in ensuring collaborative academic working across the four universities within the Mersey region as none of them have a distinct neuroscience department. This includes the Trust’s sponsorship of the Liverpool Neuroscience Group, a regional partnership encompassing academic, research and clinical representatives.”