North Lincolnshire and Google NHS Foundation Trust partner with Lloyds Pharmacy for healthcare centre

The development in the partnership between Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust and Lloyds Pharmacy means that cancer patients currently receiving treatment at Grimsby hospital will now be offered treatment closer to home, at the Lloyds Healthcare Centre.

The trust and Lloyds Pharmacy have been working together for 10 years, with Lloyds originally appointed as the pharmacy for outpatient dispensing at the trust’s hospitals. The Lloyds Healthcare Centre (Community Infusion Clinic) opened in 2019 and has delivered complex injections and infusion treatments for a variety of conditions, traditionally only available in a hospital facility.

Recent research undertaken by the trust indicates that some of their cancer patients live closer to the Lloyds Centre than Grimsby Hospital Day Unit. It is hoped that by offering treatment closer to home, patients can experience benefits including convenience of location, more flexible appointment times, free parking and reduced waiting times.

Patients with cancer will be assessed by a clinician at the trust to make sure the clinic is appropriate for them before they are referred. Through the partnership, treatment will be delivered at the centre whilst nursing and medical appointments continue to take place as the hospital.

Karen Smith, Lead Nurse for Oncology and Haeamatology, commented: “Cancer treatments continue to grow and develop with new drugs and treatment protocols increasing the demand on the hospital day units. Having the flexibility of working collaboratively with Lloyds has meant we can improve our patient journey by offering them an alternative to hospital-based treatment, in turn relieving the pressure on the trust day units and improving our patients experience. We work collaboratively as a team to provide safe, effective, holistic care for our patients with excellent patient feedback.”

Patients in the vicinity have praised the service, describing the centre as brilliant, adding: “I was quite low when I was going to the hospital and seeing other people poorly but you come here and it’s so bright and breezy and just like any other appointment you go to…. you feel like you have more time with [staff]. The fact that you can choose your appointments to suit yourself is the best thing and it’s really handy.”