Bolton maternity services joins Royal College of Midwives charter to improve services

Maternity services at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust have joined the Royal College of Midwives ‘Caring for You’ charter in a bid to cultivate a safer and healthier working environment.

The charter is committed to improving the safety, health and wellbeing of working midwives to ensure they are delivering the best possible care for women, babies and their families.

The initiative is in keeping with the wider ICS principles regarding healthcare, which champions the importance of maintaining a happy and supported workforce in order to promote positive patient outcomes.

Janet Cotton, Director of Midwifery at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust, said: “The charter encourages teams to focus on principles such as creating an inclusive culture, safe learning environments, and flexible and innovative working patterns to support effective working within our teams. Providing this environment will not only help our staff but also provide the best environment for women, their babies and their loved ones.”

Organisations involved in the ‘Caring for You’ charter will look to implement five key principles:

  • Ensuring an inclusive and positive culture which invests in staff and makes them feel valued and respected
  • Provide a safe and healthy working environment
  • Focus on addressing inequality and other negative behaviours
  • Nurture staff to be the best they can be
  • Work in partnership with the RCM on any issues and areas of improvement

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