Coventry and Warwickshire secures GDE Fast Follower status

Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust has successfully secured £3million funding from NHS England and has been confirmed as the latest trust joining the Global Digital Exemplar Fast Follower programme.

Simon Gilby, Chief Executive at CWPT said “This is a significant step towards our ambition of harnessing more technology to provide safe, sustainable patient care throughout our services now and in the future.”

“Being a GDE Fast Followerr affords us access to national expertise and resource and helps to transform the services we offer through our own digital improvement programme.”

“Ultimately we want to empower local people to take more control of their condition, creating greater independence and improving understanding of how best to manage their health needs. Improving the use of digital technology across all our services is a key long-term priority for us and our health and care partners across the patch, enhancing our service portfolio alongside our colleagues across health and social care.”

The trust joins the Global Digital Exemplar programme, an internationally recognised group of NHS providers for delivering improvements in the quality of care, through the use of digital technologies and information. These organisations are duty bound to share their learning and experiences through the creation of blueprints to enable other trusts to follow in their footsteps as quickly and effectively as possible.

A provider is selected based on their High Digital Maturity Assessment scores in the areas of readiness and capability, involvement in innovative digital healthcare initiatives and representation of a range of different solution types.

NHS England is currently supporting selected digitally advanced providers of NHS services including mental health, ambulance services, and acute trusts to become GDEs.