Portfolio of studies grows for Royal Cornwall NHS Trust Covid-19 research team

The Research, Development & Innovation department at the RCHT put together their own Covid-19 research team as the virus began to spread in the UK.

The team is made up of experienced research staff including doctors, nurses, administrators and healthcare assistants.

The team received an ‘overwhelming’ amount of offers to help from consultants working within RCHT, which were ‘integral’ in setting-up and running these ‘vital’ research studies.

RCHT state that “as study sponsors began to invite the RCHT to get involved with their own studies, the RD&I Set Up Team worked hard with the newly formed Covid-19 team to ensure that they were open and recruiting patients as soon as possible.

“The team are now running a growing portfolio of Covid-19 studies; some are comparing possible treatments, others are closely monitoring patients and collecting and analysing data and samples.”

Helen Chenoweth, Research Team Leader, who is co-ordinating, says:

“During this difficult time, the importance of COVID research has been embraced by the whole Trust.

“The Research & Development Department have worked tirelessly to ensure patients are offered any research study opportunities and treatments that are available at the RCHT.”