OUH releases a new five-year strategy framework

One of the largest teaching trusts in the UK, Oxford University Hospitals (OUH) has launched a new strategy for 2020-2025.

The organisation has 12,000 staff providing care to over one million patients each year, ranging from acute and specialist services to patients across Oxfordshire and the South East.

The organisation has said in its plan that its strategy framework for the next five years is to improve the access, quality and experience of care for all patients.

OUH also aims to work with partners to improve the health and wellbeing of their population. 

Another objective within its plan is to make OUH a great place to work by delivering the best staff experience which will be supported by a sustainable workforce model and a compassionate culture

The strategy aims to improve the health and wellbeing for people in the area by using digital tools as the foundation to support improved care. During Covid-19 the organisation made 8,300 video appointments in the first 14 weeks where the digital teams worked closely with the clinical teams to deliver outpatient care virtually.

Developing people

One of the objectives of the organisation is to make OUH a great place to work so a key priority is to look after their staff. OUH will make sure that staff, their families and teams have access to a comprehensive health and wellbeing offer. 

OUH will be working towards strengthening the culture of the organisation to ensure staff feels valued and they will attempt to reduce inequality and discrimination.

Developing people is at the heart of the improvements, OUH want to ensure this will be done by defining what great leadership is and by supporting learning.

These points will be measured by improved appraisal rates, more staff enrolled in leadership, research and development programmes, improved performance on WRES and reduced staff turnover and leavers within a year. 

Patient care

OUH aims to create a ‘just culture’ across the Trust to encourage staff to report incidents and raise concerns. 

The Trust aims to increase patient and public involvement in how they design and deliver services by increasing patient representation on patient panels, service boards and within networks. 

OUH will measure their success from CQC ratings, patient feedback and clinical outcome data.

Improving population health

The Trust aims to work closely with the new Primary Care Networks (PCNs) and integrated community health teams across Oxfordshire to join up care across pathways and services to support keeping people out of hospital with the care they need close to home. 

In line with the NHS Long Term Plan, OUH aims to reduce face to face outpatient appointments by a third. 

The measures that OUH has put into place will be measured by achieving a more sustainable financial position, contributing to reducing health inequalities locally and increasing contribution to environmental and social value. 

By 2025 OUH wants to achieve the following objectives:

  • Make OUH a great place to work
  • Achieve a ‘Outstanding’ rating by CQC
  • Improve outcomes in Oxfordshire and beyond

View the strategy document here.