News in Brief – Liverpool Women’s FT donates neonatal equipment to Ukrainian hospital, Kingston Hospital FT launches new Rapid Diagnostic Cancer Clinic

It’s time for our weekly round up, featuring the donation of new neonatal equipment for a Ukrainian maternity hospital from Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust, new machines that can reduce hair loss during chemotherapy at Frimley Health FT, and a new Rapid Diagnostic Cancer Clinic at Kingston Hospital FT, plus much more.

To read the latest updates from across the wold of health and care, take a look at the stories down below….

Liverpool Women’s FT donates new neonatal equipment to Ukrainian maternity hospital

Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust has donated neonatal equipment to a maternity hospital in Mariupol, Ukraine.

The donation of consumables required to run a neonatal unit consists of feeding syringes and tubes; longlines; cannulas; trachea tubes; and transwarmers; as well as larger pieces of equipment, such as humidifiers; monitors; and ventilators. 

Lead on the new initiative, Anna Paweletz, Neonatal Consultant, commented: “Following our discussions on how we could help I came across a charity called Medical Aid Ukraine. Medical Aid Ukraine had successfully collected and delivered medical and surgical equipment to hospitals in Ukraine.  

“I also learned many other NHS Trusts across the country had donated essential medical equipment but to my knowledge there has not been any specific neonatal or paediatric collections in our area and the majority of donations have so far been focussed on adult patients.” 

Frimley Health launches new machines to reduce hair loss during chemotherapy

Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust has launched three new machines that can reduce hair loss during chemotherapy.  

The new Paxman machines, based at the trust’s Frimley Park Hospital, will provide scalp cooling treatments to ‘all suitable’ patients undergoing chemotherapy.  

Cooling the scalp to between 1C and 3C, the machines work by decreasing blood flow to the affected area so that less chemotherapy medication reaches the hair follicles. 

Claire James, Chemotherapy Day Unit Matron, commented on the new treatment: “Previously demand for scalp cooling has always exceeded our capacity to provide it. These new machines will be a big step forward in being able to put patient experience at the centre of everything we do and make sure that patients receive the personalised care they deserve.” 

Kingston Hospital FT launches new Rapid Diagnostic Cancer Clinic

Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has launched a new Rapid Diagnostic Cancer Clinic designed to support ‘early and faster’ diagnosis of cancer, the organisation says.  

The new Clinic will offer a ‘much-needed service’ to patients who have non-specific symptoms, which may be difficult to diagnose. 

Jane Stephenson, Cancer Patient Partners Group, Kingston Hospital, said: “The launch of the Rapid Diagnostic Cancer Clinic is great news for patients who may well have been struggling to receive a diagnosis for their worrying symptoms. It will help to reduce stress, speed up diagnosis and therefore save lives.” 

Elizabeth Crowther, Acting Lead Nurse for Cancer and Acute Oncology Service Lead, Kingston Hospital, added: “The Rapid Diagnostic Cancer Clinic at Kingston Hospital will provide high quality personalised diagnostic care, for patients in our local community with vague symptoms that are suggestive of cancer.”  

Dorset County Hospital FT opens new Outpatient Therapies Centre

Dorset County Hospital, part of Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, has opened a new Outpatient Therapies Centre.  

The new Charlton Down-based Centre will offer physiotherapy services, such as musculoskeletal, respiratory and pelvic health, as well as speech and language therapy. 

Providing six clinic rooms and a large gym space, plus parking for patients and visitors, the Outpatient Therapies Centre will support teams in seeing ‘more patients’ and tackle appointment waiting lists. 

On the new Outpatient Centre, Sandra Firth, Head of Physiotherapy, Dorset County Hospital said: “We’re really pleased to have moved into this centre.  

“Our teams have done a brilliant job of working from various temporary locations and patients have been incredibly understanding. It’s great to have a new dedicated space to treat patients with all the equipment and facilities we need.” 

Chelsea and Westminster FT launch new VR headsets to support women experiencing loss during pregnancy  

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has launched virtual reality headsets designed to support women experiencing loss during their pregnancy.  

Named Eirene, the new project – funded by the trusts official charity, CW+ – will provide assistance for women who experience loss in the early stages of their pregnancies and a ‘sense of peace’ during an emotionally distressing time. 

Lauren Trepte, Research Midwife, commented on the new treatment: ‘Eirene is a project which is very dear to our hearts, as we sadly meet women in the early stages of their pregnancy who have experienced a loss. Peace of mind through observing a scene or a guided mediation while undergoing a MVA procedure reduces anxiety and aids relaxation.  

“It gives them an alternative view and the opportunity to meditate, while being supported by our staff, and hopefully improves their mental health outcomes.”