Nottingham ICS shares new plans for Hucknall health and wellbeing centre

New plans have been developed for a health and wellbeing centre in Hucknall, aiming to integrate the healthcare and voluntary sector.

The centre is set to improve the health of its population by collaborating with local health and care services used by the residents of Hucknall, bringing them together in one centre. Previously the services had been spread over the local area, and it is hoped that bringing them together in one place can improve accessibility for residents.

Explaining the need for a new health and wellbeing centre, local Hucknall GP Adam Connor said, “What they need is a healthcare centre that is bespoke to their health inequalities and their needs, and located in a convenient local area that is accessible, particularly to those who are most deprived and struggling with their health needs.”

South Nottingham Locality Director Fiona Callaghan said: “The centre will improve joined-up working, we’ve been working for many years to integrate healthcare and voluntary services, to improve the health of local people.”

She continued, “What we know is that the NHS is the endpoint and if we can focus on prevention and access to services to help people maintain their health and well-being, we can use NHS resources more effectively.”

To summarise the impact the centre will have for the people of Hucknall, J Lamb, Director of the Ambulatory Care Division at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust said: “It will give them the best of both worlds, they can be seen in their local community by the doctors and nurses who know them well and they also have access to specialists who have that expert knowledge. Together they can provide the best care for our local people.”