Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust retains £9m nursing contract

Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust (LGT) has been awarded a contract allowing them to continue to provide Public Health Nursing Services (PHNS) for 0–19-year-olds in the London Borough of Lewisham.

The contract, worth an estimated £9 million per year, will run for the next four years starting in April 2023, with the potential to expand for an additional three years. PHNS offers a range of services including school-age nursing, health visiting and a Family Nurse Partnership.

The trust’s bid for the contract placed emphasis on addressing health inequalities in the borough, engagement with the local community, working with other agencies, safeguarding children and adults, and a focus on young people’s mental health. 

LGT’s public health nursing services will focus on supporting under-represented communities, enabling children and young people to build resilience and develop their full potential. The central focus aligns with the trust’s broader priorities involving collaboration with local partners to provide the best possible care to the Lewisham community.

Ben Travis, LGT Chief Executive, said, “We’re immensely pleased and proud to have won this contract. As a trust, our strategic priorities include a key focus on engaging with our communities outside of the hospital environment and building relationships with local people that will benefit them in the long term. Working with children and young people is central to that aim.” 

LGT notes that its connections within the community are “extensive” and pledges its commitment to improving those connections in the coming years in order to deliver the greatest care benefits for the local population.